Bird List

Mosslands Farm has an abundance of bird life, with over 100 identified birds.

Apalis: Bar-throated
Apalis: Yellow-breasted
Barbet: Black-collared
Barbet: Red-fronted Tinker
Batis: Cape
Batis: Chinspot
Bittern: Little
Boubou: Southern
Bulbul: Black-eyed
Bulbul: Sombre
Bulbul: Terrestrial
Bunting: Golden-breasted
Buzzard: Jackal
Buzzard: Steppe
Canary: Bully
Canary: Cape
Canary: Forest
Canary: Streaky-headed
Canary: Yellow-eyed
Cape White-eye
Chat: Familiar
Cisticola: Lazy
Cisticola: Levaillant’s
Coot: Red-knobbed
Cormorant: Reed
Cormorant: White -breasted
Coucal: Burchell’s
Crane: Blue
Crow: Black
Cuckoo: Black
Cuckoo: Diederick
Cuckoo: Jacobin
Cuckoo: Klaas’s
Cuckoo: Red-chested
Cuckooshrike: Black
Cuckooshrike: Grey
Darter: African
Dove: Cape Turtle
Dove: Green-spotted
Dove: Laughing
Dove: Red-eyed
Drongo: Fork-tailed
Duck: African Black
Duck: Whitefaced
Duck: Yellow-billed
Eagle: African Crowned
Eagle: African Fish
Eagle: Martial
Egret: Cattle
Falcon: Lanner
Finfoot: African
Firefinch: Blue-billed
Flycatcher: African Paradise
Flycatcher: BlackFlycatcher: Blue Mantled
Flycatcher: Dusky

Flycatcher: Fiscal
Flycatcher: Spotted
Francolin: Grey-winged
Francolin: Red-necked
Goose: Egyptian
Goose: Spur-Winged
Goshawk: African
Goshawk: Pale Chanting
Guineafowl: Helmeted
Harrier: African Marsh
Harrier: Black
Heron: Black-headed
Heron: Grey
Hobby Eurasian
Honeyguide: Greater
Honeyguide: Scaly throated
Hoopoe: African
Hoopoe: Red-billed Wood
Hornbill: Crowned
Hornbill: Trumpeter
Ibis: Hadeda
Ibis: Sacred
Jacana: African
Kestrel: Rock
Kingfisher: Brown-hooded
Kingfisher: Giant
Kingfisher: Half-collared
Kingfisher: Malachite
Kingfisher: Pied
Kite: Black shouldered
Kite: Yellow Billed (Black)
Lark: Rufous-naped
Lourie: Knysna
Manniken: Bronze
Martin: Brown throated
Martin: Rock
Mousebird: Red-faced
Mousebird: Speckled
Nerina Trogan
Oriole: Black-headed
Owl: Barn
Owl: Scops
Owl: Spotted Eagle
Owl: Verreaux’s Eagle
Pigeon: Rameron
Pigeon: Rock
Pipit: Grassveld (Richard’s)
Plover: Blacksmith
Plover: Three-banded
Prinia: Spotted (Karoo)
Prinia: Tawny-flanked
Quail: Common

Raven: White-necked
Red Bishop
Robin: Cape
Robin: White-browed
Rock-Thrush: Cape
Sandpiper: Wood
Shrike: Fiscal
Shrike: Olive Bush
Sparrow: Cape
Sparrow: Grey-headed
Sparrow: House
Sparrowhawk: Little
Spoonbill: African
Starling: Cape Glossy
Starling: European
Starling: Pied
Starling: Red-winged
Stork: White
Sunbird: Black
Sunbird: Collared
Sunbird: Greater Double-collared
Sunbird: Grey
Sunbird: Lesser Double-collared
Sunbird: Malachite
Swallow: Black Saw-wing
Swallow: European
Swallow: Greater Striped
Swallow: Lesser Striped
Swallow: Pearl-breasted
Swallow: White-throated
Swift: Horus
Swift: Little
Swift: White-rumped
Tchagra: Southern
Thrush: Olive
Tit: Southern Black
Wagtail: Cape
Warbler: African Sedge
Warbler: Bleating Bush
Warbler: Cape Reed
Warbler: Willow
Waxbill: Common
Weaver: Cape
Weaver: Forest
Weaver: Masked
Weaver: Spectacled
Weaver: Spotted-backed
Weaver: Thick-billed
Weaver: Yellow
Whydah: Pin Tailed
Widow: Red-collared
Woodpecker: Cardinal
Woodpecker: Knysna
Woodpecker: Olive
Wryneck: Red-throated